Key Notes

  • The Zatpat Group operates the online service
  • Users can use Zatpatmachines to find offers and inquiries for used machinery and advertise offers and inquiries for used machinery. Users involved in the machinery business in a commercial capacity can also be listed in the user/address database of the online service for machinery dealers.
  • These Terms and Conditions of Business govern the legal relationship between the operator and the users of the online service.

Placement of advertisements

  • Object of the service
  • Users (advertisers) can place ads and requests for used, new and exhibition machinery on ZatpatMachines.
  • The operator reserves the right to process the listing information provided by the advertiser and to publish it on other platforms on the Internet, like product comparison databases and similar sites.
  • The operator reserves the right to alter, add to or delete parts of the pages or the entire service without prior notice, as well as to temporarily or permanently discontinue publication.
  • Contracts which are initiated as a result of an advertisement placed on ZatpatMachines are established without the legal involvement of the operator.

Services provided by the operator

  • The operator provides an input form for advertisements for offers and requests for used machinery, activates the advertisements placed via the input form and makes them available on the internet for the period of time agreed with the advertiser. Advertisers can insert, add, modify, and delete their listings in the operator’s database on their own.
  • Advertisements are activated daily, unless otherwise agreed. The operator reserves the right to delay activation for technical or other reasons
  • The operator reserves the right to block advertisements from advertisers who violate provisions of these T&C.

Obligations of the advertisers

  • Every user who publishes an advertisement on Zatpatmachines is responsible for the content of his or her ad and is liable for the accuracy of the information provided therein. The operator is not obligated to verify whether orders and advertisements infringe third-party rights.
  • The content of the ad must be fully disclosed in the input form. The advertiser bears sole responsibility and liability for all information and content he or she supplies. The operator is not obligated to verify whether orders and advertisements infringe third-party rights.
  • The advertiser agrees to provide truthful and lawful information. The advertiser indemnifies the operator against third-party claims of any kind attributable to the unlawfulness or untruthfulness of his or her advertisement or other breach of third party rights.
  • The advertiser is obligated to solely furnish relevant technical data for the respective machines. Specifying keywords or keyword lists is prohibited. Dummy values may not be used in fields intended to hold technical data.
  • Only the respective machinery may be advertised in listings. The placement of references to other products, e.g. consumable materials or similar items, is prohibited. The advertiser bears sole liability for linked videos, e.g. in particular to YouTube.
  • The advertiser is obligated to provide his or her name and address when providing contact details.
  • The advertiser is obligated to provide a valid email address and agrees to the use of this email address by the operator for the notification of inquiries regarding advertisements.
  • When making offers for machinery, only specific offers may be entered. General advertisements such as “all kinds of XY machines” may not be inserted. The operator will solely add offers for specific machinery to the database, and only under the condition that a meaningful description is provided together with technical data for the relevant machines.
  • Only one advertisement can be placed for each machine that is offered. Entering one and the same machine in multiple (sub)categories is not allowed.
  • Advertisements are protected by a password chosen by the advertiser. It cannot be ruled out that this password will be acquired third parties who then alter or delete advertisements against the will of the advertiser. The operator’s liability is excluded in this respect.
  • The advertiser undertakes to independently and immediately delete his or her offer or request from the database if the advertised machine is no longer offered or wanted.

Removing and disabling advertisements

  • The advertiser alone is responsible for the expenses he or she incurs in connection with the insertion and maintenance of advertisements. This also applies if the operator alters, deletes or rejects listings.
  • The advertiser may delete his or her advertisement at any time by using the password he or she chose when registering.