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    Top Selection of Machines with Calient's Easy Rating System!

    We've got a cool new feature to make your search for the perfect machine a breeze. Say hello to Client's Easy Rating System!

    How to Use It: The Simple Steps

    Discover a Machine: When you see a machine you like, click on FAVOURITE Star icon.

    Give it a Plus Rating: Instead of just saving it, now you can rate it! How much do you love it? Give it points based on your feelings.

    Points Add Up: Each time you rate a machine, it gets points. More points mean the machine climbs higher on your list.

    Your Top Picks: Wondering which machines are the best? No need to search – your highest-rated machines are always at the top of your list.

    Why Use Client's Rating System?

    Your Choices Matter: This system is all about you! The machines you like the most get special attention.

    Easy Decision-Making: Find your favourites quickly. No more scrolling through lots of options – your top picks are right there.

    Always Up to Date: As you rate more machines, your list changes. It grows with you, showing what you like right now.

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    Attention - Data system will store your favorite only for 30 days. After that it will automatic removed from it.