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Q1: What is Zatpatmachines.com?

Zatpatmachines.com is the most advanced and India's leading marketplace for the Metal, Plastic & Wood Processing industry. Buyers can connect with sellers without registration.

Q2: I am used machine buyer from Pune, India. How can Zatpatmachines help me to buy Used VMC with X Travel 1000mm and Y Travel 650mm?

Our website is the most advanced website while searching for any kind of machines. Simply search the machine type, and then you can find X Travel and Y travel for further filtering. For more support, we have the world's most powerful WhatsApp support. Simply WhatsApp us, and we will help you.

Q3: I found a Used machine of JYOTI from Bengaluru as per my requirement. How can I buy it now?

You will find the seller's contact number on our website. You are free to connect with him. In some cases, you will be redirected to our WhatsApp number, and we will connect you to the seller.

Q4: Seller is not responding, what to do?

We support you via our WhatsApp system.

Q5: I want to search dealers worldwide and connect to them for more business opportunity. How can I do that?

As of now, we only support by WhatsApp, but our dealer directory is coming soon, and here you can upload yourself as a dealer and also search other dealers.

Q6: I am used machine dealer but I can't find any login on your marketplace. How can I upload my machine's stock?

Simply send us your listing of used machines by Excel or any other form, and we will upload it for you. You don't need to spend time on it.

Q7: How can I know how many people have visited my used machines?

We give you inquiries, and we believe that inquiries are more important than visitors.

Q8: We are a manufacturer of CNC Press Brake from India. How can we sell our new machines on your platform?

If you are OEM, Trader, or Stockist, or Individual job shop company or MNC, we treat everybody in the same manner. Simply WhatsApp us.

Q9: How much do you charge for specific support?

We have the world's most simple support system for Industries. We charge a flat Rs. 10000 + GST to support you round the clock for all your needs related to industrial machines.

Q10: Do you support for Industrial manpower?

Yes. Please visit www.zatpatjobs.com. Alternatively, our single WhatsApp number is for all our marketplaces.

Q11: Do you help me to give us the best tools, spares, and accessories for our HAAS VF-2 machine we just purchased from Germany?

Yes. Under our premium support, we give such services.

Q12: I want to sell my whole factory with or without land. How can you support?

Please share all details with us, and we will support you professionally.

Q13: Do you take any brokerage?

NO. We are not charging any brokerage.

Q14: How do you support for logistics if we buy a Used HMC of Makino from Germany?

We give support to you for inspection, payment safety procedure, export procedure, machine dismantle, Logistic and import clearance at Nhavasheva, Chennai, Kandala, or any other sea port of India.

Q15: Why are you so cheap compared to other dealers or marketplaces?

We are cost-effective and use technology to be the most economical marketplace in the world for the metal and plastic processing industry.

Q16: Do you support to get us some job work for our CNC Jobshop?

Please visit us at our separate marketplace www.zatpatestimate.com