Logistic - Dismantle, Packing, Loading, Transportation, and unloading of used machine

Role of logistic in buying Machines.


Many often we observed that logistic is to be least considered in used machines buying. it must have to be an equally important part while buying used machines. As Zatpatmachines is dedicated to Indian buyers & Sellers, here is some practical information about logistics.

Whenever you buy or sell used machines then the logistic role has to be counted from the first day and not just at the last moment. One of the biggest reasons for this is COVID-19 and the recent situation of Russia and Ukraine.

Fuel prices are on their top due to the current market situation. In such a situation, nobody wants to come again but one has to be prepared always.

Case study March 2022.

Used Vertical Machining Center from Europe.


Considering you have decided to buy a big Vertical machining Center or milling machine, you must be aware following factors.

* Big machines required huge cost of dismantling & loading.

* Big machines are over width or/& over height then depends on structure police permission is required for road transportation.

* Lifting of the machine is important from the center of gravity point of view because the shipping company required it.

* Some time, dismantle cost is more costly than container cost so it's a matter of careful calculation.

* If the machine is working and needs dismantling then parameter backup with battery replacement is very important.

* Here are examples of containers for various transportation.

* Most common seaports of India are Mumbai, Nhava Sheva, Chennai, and Kandala.

* Once you dismantle the machine then it is not sure always goes directly to the container, you may have to store it at the warehouse and from there separately packed and load to the container.

* Please don't neglect the role of dealer, broker or stockist but at the same time selection of best, the genuine and economical dealer is very important.

* Following are some examples of Packaging machines and securing machines while sea transportation.

* Most big VMC machines required a Flat Rack container and when it comes to the Indian seaport then you may have to dyestuff it to save the cost.

* Some machines are very critical like Zeiss measuring machine.

* if you are buying a machine from an Auction, then dismantling and loading is mostly cheaper compared to buying directly from the end-user of the machine.

* Documentation of overseas consignment is very very important and please don't take it for granted. you must have to ask for a Packing list, original invoice, Bill of lading, and certificate of origin.

* some of the machines like 5 Axis VMC, 5 Axis laser cutting machines are prohibited under the specific act and you must have to be careful.

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