Buying Used machines from EUROPE through ONLINE AUCTION- Zatpatmachines can help you professionally.

Mar 07, 2022

Doesn't matter if you are a used machine trader, broker, stockist, or individual, if you want to buy used machines from Europe and especially Germany, now Auction is one more practical option is open.

After corona, online auction is getting more and more attraction specially for Used Equipments in European market. Before covid-19, it was limited to Europe and very few Indian companies were thinking even for bidding at online auction.

Doesn't matter if you are used machine trader, broker, stockist or individual, if you want to buy used machines from Europe and specially Germany, now Auction is one more practical option is open. Earlier days, it was limited to only European and not considered as safe option for non European buyers for European auction. Here are some tips to steal the deal from European auction.

Targets - before you bid an auction, please be prepare with your targets of machine brand and model, budget and buying time frame.

You must realise that , if you want to win an auction, you must have to bid at-least 5 to 7 auction. And so next question is inspection. Inspection of each machine before you bid your highest bid is really like a gamble unless you are already user of the same machine and you know each aspect of that particular machine.

Now can connect right person so you can inspect the machines before you bid.

Inspection in India- Before you arrange inspection in Europe, it is very important to see real machine in front of you in India. This is not so difficult in India.

Once you have inspection of used machines in India then you will have idea on machine reliability and the problem you may face when you import machine from Europe.

Next is auction. here is some of the auction website you can check and start searching. Please make sure you have about 6 months of buying time frame to win auction in your favour. Most of people expect that , they will get cheapest deal in auction but it is not cheapest but you will get best deal in auction.

Surplex, Machineseeker, Apex, IVG and many more auctions you may get by google it.

Here is one example of auction.

Here is one example of company which can support you for inspection before you bid an auction.

Logistic - You must have best logistic contact from Europe or India when you are serious to get the machine from Auction. Any logistic company with good network in Europe can do this job easily. Please dont expect cheap logistic during this covid and now in the war time of Russia and Ukraine. If you are buying big machines like double column milling machine then please make sure you will pay good amount on dismantle , loading , packing and logistic.

Which price is best to bid an auction ? Try with this equation and also get support from for specific information.

Here is equation- [ ( BOP X 0.65 ) - (Machine Weight X 0.1) ]

BOP- Best offline price of any machine price you get from any dealer in Europe for the same model and same year- +/- 3 years.

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