How to Buy Used Turret Punch Press

CNC Turret punching first time is always a challenge for any conventional fabricator. Especially during the COVID-19 situation, Transformation of conventional shop to CNC Fabrication shop is not easy.

Turret Punch PressBuying


I would like to share my experience in following 11 points. Please make sure you do not consider this point in priority manner. Any of one can make big difference while you choose your machine. 


Type of Fabrication Jobs:-

Any turret punch press can do various kind of punching and forming jobs. There are 3 kind of punching machines, you can divide.


Mechanical stroke ( Can do all punching and all normal forming operation )

Hydraulic stroke ( Can do all punching and controlled forming operation )

Servo Electric ( Can do all punching and do all technical & fancy forming operations )


Brand & Model:

There are so many brands in the market like Amada, Trumpf, Muratec, LVD, Finn Power, Boschert, Euromac etc.

Above brand have various models and models have various components. While you are buying used machine, please give minimum importance to the brand presence as per New market.

Suggestion is to look at one model of punching machine at mix of various component brands ( control + Hydraulic + CAD/CAM + Tools style ) making one machine.

Fanuc OR Siemens, a life long debate !!!


Machine Specification:

Depends on your productivity and nature of application you can compare machine specification.

1. Processing size of the sheet. All Turret punch press comes with repositioning. So, question is which is your selection.

       a. 1250 X 2500 mm without repositioning

       b. 1250 X 1250 mm without repositioning

Many buyers think they will lose accuracy during repositioning but if this the case then it is not true. Its point of how you do and what kind of job you have. Chances of loosing of accuracy is highly depends on CAM operation and selection of sequencing of punching.

2. Punching Force

Various Tonnage options. You are very special customer if your requirement is below of 20 Ton and Above of 30 Ton.

    a. 20 Ton

    b. 25 Ton

    c. 30 Ton

    d. 50 Ton

Better you consult with any tools expert or choose many online applications to check your requirement. Theoretically punch press can process up to 6mm but it is too much theoretical figure. Most practical punching is done from 0.8mm to 3 mm.

No of stations and Auto index station – Most of punching can be done within 24 no of stations for a beginner CNC Fabricator. Average punching machines comes with minimum 24 to 28 stations.

Type of Punching Stroke- We already mentioned at first point.



Various tools style developed by various brand of manufacturer.

1. Thick Turret Style

2. Thin Turret Style – now no more in market

3. Muratec Style

4. Trumpf Style

5. Multi Tool

Every tools style has own benefits of tool life, Tool user friendliness. A telephonic or personal meeting with tools supplier can make a bid difference.


Your own manpower:

Before you select machine, please check manpower availability nearby you.

1. Best manpower is who have already worked on exact same model.

2. Operator must know little trouble shooting

3. Programmer of machine must be well versed with drafting, designing and fabrication aspect

4. Sometimes, worth to train your own manpower. Any basic person with CAD knowledge can be trained in short time, subject to some factors.


CAD/CAM with the machine

Its like Computer with Windows or Linux !!!! You can use any CAD/CAM which is suitable to your machine. But while buying used machine, if the CAD/CAM is part of the machine, it saving your considerable cost. There are more than 20 brands of CAD/CAM in market. Each of them has own pros and cons.

Let’s have separate blog for more details.



Please check, if following accessories is part of your deal apart from machine.

1. Chiller

2. Compressor

3. Dryer

4. Anti-Vibration device ( if its required )


6. Tools ( punch, Die and Strippers ) & Tools holders


Resale value:

Most of used Turret Punch Press buyers start thinking of another machine within 2 years of span because of workload. In this case, they may think to sale the existing one. In some cases, you are having no need of the machine and you want to sale it.

In any of the case, everybody expects to have minimum loss !! Avoid unique model is best strategy unless you want it badly or price is lucrative !!!!

As now you are ready with all information, lets search the machine…….


SEARCHING the BEST machine:

We assume that you are asking to your business friends and your circle.

There are many dedicated marketplaces now which has Turret Punch Press for sale.

And many more……


Comparison of specific machines

Make proper excel with all above factors and start filtering it properly. Some of the website like can give beautiful comparison of various Turret Punch Press.


Inspection of machine

Inspect at least 10 machines before you buy it. Does not matter if you have to spend 1% cost of your budget on inspection. A well-prepared comparison of machines on will give you best options to compare it on the field.