Which is better CNC Punching machine for Indian Fabrication Shop ? Amada or Trumpf

Whenever you are buying new or used machines, two brands always comes at TOP. Trumpf & Amada. One is from Japan and one is from Germany. Let's have a look which is best for you

Selecting one machine out of world best brand machine is not easy when there is hari line difference in the price, features, support and comfort level.

  • Amada is Japan based manufacturer and one of the pioneer in entry level machines to high end automated turret punch pressese. Amada started their subsidiary in India in year 2000 which is about 6 years before when Trumpf put their first foundation as own company in Pune.
  • Early entry is not only success of Amada in India but very strong approach to clients with entry level machines like Aries 255 and Quattro laser machine they have captured the market.

Trumpf other side has entered to Indian market with big space and big demo center in Pune and entry level machine TC1000R.

Some of the best part of Amada Punching Machines

  • Fanuc Control - Most easy and user friendly controller is Fanuc for Indian  market because of Fanuc has maxiuum machines in Indian market if its of Punching, Laser, VMC , HMC or any other kind of machines.
  • Maintenance Engineers - Because of more population of machines, one can get Fanuc engineers very easily.
  • Programming - Again the same reason is Fanuc !!!
  • Installation of machines - No of Amada Turret punch press in India are maximum makes them very easy.

Some points , you have to be careful for Amada machines

  • While buying some models of Amada machines, you have to be careful !! Better spend consulting on little amount. We at Zatpatmachines.com can consult you " SELECTION OF BEST MACHINE " at just INR 10,000 + GST.
  • Auto index  - Auto index is heart of variety of operation of punching operations of Turret Punching. So if you are taking easily and over confident on your Amada machine then , be ready for some breakdown !!

What About Trumpf Plus points for Punching machine point of view ?

  • All Stations Auto index - This is something most attractive among all users of Trumpf worldwide.
  • Controller intelligence - it has very specific controller intelligenve to keep you in aware which tools are at which stations !! This is something more technical and one can learn this from experts. Zatpatmachines have list of services available for the same
  • Positive stripping of the tools. At good efficiency , power transforamtion from machine to sheet is being utilized because there is NO SPRINGS in Trumpf Tools system.
  • Acces to whole sheet region while operating

Be careful, while using this German Horse

  • If your operator or programmer are not fully trained, you can have a nightmare on this brand.
  • As some of the models of Trumpf machines have specific issues with respect to some specification application.
  • Maintenance cost on manpower and spares is higher.
  • Very delicate dalrling !!!!!!!!

General conclusion - if you are new to CNC machines, Amada is preferable and if you are having some strong need of productivity and willing to take risk then Trumpf can be choice.

*** Please note that above is general guidelines and can not be taken as thumb rule. you are welcome at www.zatpatmachines.com for more consulting at professional level.