Selection of CAD CAM software for your Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CAD CAM software is important part of Fiber Laser cutting machine with respect to productivity, machine life , Job accuracy and also comfort level of whole design and production department. Zatpat machines has shared some useful information while choosing CAD/CAM software for Fiber Laser cutting Mac
    • CAD
      • Geometry facility-  It should not dependent on any other CAD software.
      • Some CAD/CAM software focus only on generating G-Codes but it doesnt have advance functionality of CAD operations.
      • Import of various options like DWG, Dxf, PRT, ASm. STM and so many. 
      • Geometry checking. If the contours are not closed, your machine will either give alarm or it will not give proper result. This is most common issue while you are running any  Laser cutting Machine. Its years long issue since CO2 Laser technology.
      • Handaling Fonts - While cutting Fonts , many software failed and here most of Laser cutting users bare big loss in terms of their client satisfaction
      • Parametric library- If you are advance user, you must check this library option in your CAD/CAM software. More than 50% of technical part drawings covered notches, fillet, Chamfer etc most standard operations.
    • CAM
      • Auto selection of parameter like Gas is most important now-a-days if you are using Nitrogen or Air cut your sheet metal parts.
      •  If you are using more than one brand of Fiber Laser machine or Turret Punching machine then think for third party softwares. Check for complete list of 3rd party software at the end of para.
      • Common Cutting facility – Please check it. Saving of common cutting is worth a software in just 2 years of time !!!
      • Auto Sequencing of your parts
      • Import of nested layout ( this is most important for Indian laser cutting Job-shops )
      • Smart selection of entry and exit of Laser cutting beam.
      • Smoothing of curve. This is something where most of CAM system facing problem , specially when you are dealing with architectural parts of stainless steel.
    • Nesting
      • When you are using Fiber laser then 80% market is captured by Chinese companies now in India. You must ask for a powerful nesting software because it will save more than money you spend in your nesting software
      • Even, online software for nesting is also now worth.
      • Communication between nesting with CAD/CAM portion of any software is very critical and this must be understand by user properly.
    • 3D Design
      • This is something, you must have careful. We strongly advice you not to opt for OEM software. Go for dedicated software of 3D Designing and ask your CAD/CAM Provider to have link between 3D software and your CAD/CAM.
      • It’s a vast subject and your questions are welcome at [email protected]  we will distribute and connect with industry professionals worldwide.
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Partial list of Third party CAD/CAM for Fiber Laser cutting Machine