How container get weight before goes to Ship ?

Feb 04, 2023

Containers get weighed before they are shipped


To ensure that they meet weight restrictions and regulations. There are two main ways to weigh a container:
Static weighing: This involves placing the container on a static scale, which provides its weight in a single measurement. This method is commonly used for containers that are already loaded and cannot be moved.
Dynamic weighing: This involves weighing the container while it is being loaded or unloaded. This method is used to determine the weight of containers that are not yet loaded or to verify the weight of loaded containers. The container is placed on a set of scales that are integrated into the handling equipment, such as a straddle carrier or a reach stacker, which provides an accurate measurement of the container's weight as it moves.
Both methods provide accurate measurements of a container's weight and are essential for ensuring that the weight of a container is within the legal limits for shipping, avoiding overloads and related issues, such as damage to equipment and infrastructure, and ensuring safe transportation.


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