Market is demanding more and more CNC Punching Machines - Just need to connect real application with suitable Machines or Technology

While free consulting to a client of zatpatmachines, I came across to a buyer who has mass production of more than 40 Ton of CABLE TRAYS manufacturing and realized to share this experience with Indian market


A buyer from Rajasthan was trying to buy Fiber Laser cutting or Punching machine since 2+ years. It was very interesting that no suppliers have suggested him to go for 1 meter punching machine.

1-meter punching in the present market !!!! is it a joke !!!!

Not really. After half an hour of discussion, we realized that he needs to buy a punching machine that can handle more than 100 Ton of sheet metal fabrication work. Looking at this load, market condition, and customer pocket we at zatpatmachines have suggested him to check how much % of workload within 1 meter and how much is for other work.

Surprise that he has more than 40 Ton of work only for Cable trays which required to process only 1 meter in Y direction.

If you are buying even the latest model of EM2510 then one will face difficulty processing 100 Ton and it's not a joke !! After such a huge investment on EM2510 struggle is not a good idea. EM2510 is the most reliable, energy-efficient, and highly productive machine but it doesn't mean every buyer must go behind this sheet-eating machine !!

The idea given is to have 1 machine to buy immediately with less budget and then keep outsourcing or to buy another option like Pega 357 of Amada, Amada AC255 or Muratec C2500, or even Trumpf 500R.

The benefit of this buying

Less cost of buying
Less space for more work
Continue same work of cable trays makes the operator confident and you may not need a really powerful operator
Resale depreciation will almost nothing. Any moment price loss will not more than the cost of buying which should be a maximum of Rs. 15 Lakh !! One can check the price of 1-meter machines in the market.
Shearing can be used together with Punching. Even bigger companies like Godrej can do this or must be now happening !!
You can get rid of problems of Auto index stations as you are not dependent on Auto index stations in the case of cable trays.
No need for even CAD/CAM software with nesting !!
so by distributing a workload of 50% to smaller machines and 50% outsource or even Fiber Laser or another used machine, one can jump from old age power press technology to new age punching machines.

Suggested machines - Amada Pega 345, Amada Pega 244, Muratec C1000, Muratec C2000, Centrum 1000, Centrum 2000.

The market has many such technology options... You just need to change your angle of viewing from " What is the best price " to " What is the best option ".

Do you confuse " Punching or laser? New punching or used punching? CO2 Laser or Fiber Laser?

Let us know, we are doing business but we make sure you get the right Technology at right time.